Our family home: Crotto Regina

Experience a different way of life with a jump back in time…

Traditional hospitality since 1933

Sometimes it’s good to try something new and discover a world you’ve never experienced before.
The warmth of tradition has been the real essence of our Crotto Regina refurbishment. We tried to create the feelings of uniqueness, intimacy and privacy in the place where the dream of the Hotel Regina was born.
Our traditional rural house, 5 guestrooms with balcony and exceptional view.

Our Rooms


Lake View with Balcony

You can call it a room, but in fact it’s a little piece of history embedded in the walls that surround you and make you feel at home right away. Well-finished furniture, comfortable matrasses, nice bathrooms and showers covered with warm-coloured stone. And the view from the balcony is just the cherry on top!


Lake View with Balcony

If traveling is when you like to pamper yourself, you can’t really miss this Studio. Local handcrafted furniture and fabrics recall the minimalism of old world traditions and give you a longed for peace of mind. Don’t miss the ample balcony with panoramic view of the lake. Enjoy moments of relaxation and pampering while breathing the fresh air of the mountains in the morning.


Lake View with Balcony

Family travel is truly special and unique. To make it as beautiful as possible we’ve dedicated a room with plenty of space for your family. The warmth of natural wood and stone create a sober but homely atmosphere to let you make the most of your quality time with your dear ones. There is an ample bathroom and a balcony with a beautiful view.

Get a taste of the real Italian way of life

Enter our Crotto Regina and take a dive into history, discover with us the pleasures of simple but authentic things.
We have refurbished these rooms personally, taking care of every detail to preserve the original and authentic spirit of hospitality but with modern comforts.
Please come in and feel the real Italian spirit of cordiality, simplicity and respect for everyone. Discover the pleasure of simple local products, traditional hospitality and a good opportunity to be together.