Our History

Great love and passion for our Land


A jump back in time


The Hotel Regina today is the result of an idea of my uncle Giovanni and my father Giacomo Rasella, two far-sighted brothers who already at the beginning of the eighties saw in tourism the economic future of the area, when few believed in the attractive potential of the upper Lake Como.

In fact, the passion for hospitality has been in our family for generations. Already in the early 30 ‘s, considering the outstanding domestic production of wine and cheese, my grandparents Joseph and Ursula challenged the great crisis giving rise to the Inn “Crotto Regina”. Our Crotto was an important gathering place for local people, who at the end of the working day loved to meet here to dance, play cards and morra and taste the typical flavours of tradition.

In the sixties a period of crisis compelled the Rasella brothers to initially take up different careers. Over the years, however, the idea for a family hotel ripened in Giovanni and Giacomo and they eventually decided to remodel the old ‘Crotto Regina’ and give birth to a new hotel by the lake.
At the beginning of the eighties the opportunity to implement this plan presented itself and became the ideas became a reality with the construction of the actual Hotel Regina.

I still remember all our excitement for the long-awaited opening in 1998. I was 16 years old and still a student in high school, but my father Giacomo was very good at passing down to me his passion and love for this extraordinary work and, yes, wonderful way of life! Now that I have begun this long and fascinating adventure, I can say with all honesty that people like us, who do hospitality at the family level, make a lifestyle choice. I, like my father, my uncle, their wives, my grandparents before them, and my wife who decided to join and support me in this work, we all have chosen to devote our lives to accommodate, host and entertain those who begin as customers and more than often become our very good friends!

We constantly strive to offer our guests the best accommodations and facilities. To achieve this end, each winter when the hotel is closed we seek new ways to renovate, improve and develop the hotel. In 2009 we finally realized a dream, building one of the most beautiful panoramic pools of Lake Como.

Unfortunately, in 2012, my father, Giacomo Rasella, the person who most influenced my life and career, died. Strong, smart, and a devoted family man, my father left his mark on all of us and his legacy lives on in the Hotel Regina.

Between 2013 and 2015 we totally refurbished the rooms in the old Crotto Regina and made another step towards restoring, expanding and enhancing the beauty of the setting where the idea for a hotel was first born.
Today, my uncle and I are finishing construction on a new garage for our guests, where you can park your car in a covered and comfortable place.
We continue to make plans for the future and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Thank you for your interest!

Giuseppe Rasella